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10:08 AM Appion Bug #2988 (Assigned): tiltalign issues
On guppy:
tarting image 1 ( skip:23, remain:1008 ) id:324578...
David Veesler


09:24 AM Appion Bug #2880: cl2d jobs won't run
The run /ami/data15/appion/14aug14a/align/cl2d7 using xmipp 3 successfully completed.
However, the classes ...
David Veesler


10:54 AM Appion Bug #2880: cl2d jobs won't run
Hi Sargis,
I tried running cl2d using the version 3 of Xmipp as you suggested and got the following error.
David Veesler


10:52 AM Appion Bug #2880: cl2d jobs won't run
It still doesn't work but now I am having a new error:
lines= ['\ => /usr/lib64/ (0x0000003...
David Veesler


08:11 PM Appion Bug #2880: cl2d jobs won't run
This still doesn't work for me.
When submitting jobs from the webinterface, I still have the same error message.
David Veesler


09:26 PM Appion Bug #2880: cl2d jobs won't run
I just tried again and cl2d jobs don't work either via the webinterface or in submitting the jobfile.
Sargis, here...
David Veesler


07:07 PM Appion Bug #2880 (Closed): cl2d jobs won't run
Jobs are crashing on guppy with the following error message:
!!! WARNING: could not create stack average, average....
David Veesler
04:09 PM Appion Feature #2744: Change the default memory for Cl2d jobs submitted to garibaldi
Appion now allows to choose the queue we want to submit to and adapts the number of processors requested per node acc... David Veesler


05:03 PM Appion Bug #2852: Makestack2Loop error
Just tried on garibaldi using the option "only use ctffind values" and it works as well.
Thanks a lot.
David Veesler
12:59 PM Appion Bug #2852: Makestack2Loop error
Thanks Sargis for updating but the issue is still not fixed as i
am getting the same error message.
David Veesler

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