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03:20 PM Leginon Bug #2675: target adjustment through navigator does not pre-expose even though preset includes it.
*Timing on first move need adjustment*
Sequence of exposure not working in the right order on the first move to a ...
Jeff Speir


01:55 PM Appion Bug #2569 (Closed): CTF - ctffind3 not finding all en images for processing
My bad - I started the CTF fun before all the images were actually collected. Everything is fine (except my memory). Jeff Speir
01:37 PM Appion Bug #2569 (Closed): CTF - ctffind3 not finding all en images for processing
Session 13oct23h - data set was already collected with 640 en images active. When I started the ctffind3 job to do t... Jeff Speir


03:28 PM Leginon Bug #2565 (Won't Fix or Won't Do ): Unable to run queue at hole targeting in session 13oct23f using betaleginon after simulating hole for auto-target testing
I was unable to run the hole targeting queue in session 13oct23f after queuing up targets by simulating square. Befo... Jeff Speir


07:58 AM Leginon Bug #2480: RCT "Centered Square" reverts z height when queuing is on in Square Centering node
Opened centered square preferences in virtual leginon session (13aug14a). Adjust target was set to using +one+ ances... Jeff Speir


01:56 PM Appion Bug #2465 (New): ACE2 CTF correction doesn't appear to work correctly
Tested application of all CTF correction methods in stack creation. Spider and EMAN worked well with their results i... Jeff Speir


08:29 AM Appion Bug #2445 (New): Particle alignment result -ready to upload- showing up in other sessions
When a particle alignment job is completed, appion informs that it is ready to upload on the processing page for that... Jeff Speir


09:04 AM Leginon Bug #2439 (New): Mismatch of images with targets in RCT viewer
In the RCT viewer, if you select the square view to see how the targets were selected (overlaid) on a flat or tilted ... Jeff Speir


04:40 PM Appion Bug #2438 (Closed): Number of particles in class no longer displayed when viewing alignment results
Normally when you look at the results of an alignment (click on reference stack), like from Xmipp maximum likelihood,... Jeff Speir


03:38 PM Appion Feature #2361 (Closed): Allow more than 16 processors for garibaldi jobs submitted from (beta)myamiweb
Currently in Xmipp maximum likelihood page, you are not allowed to select more than 16 processors. Probably a good p... Jeff Speir

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