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03:00 PM Leginon Bug #15974: rasterfinder error 'hole3'
Thanks. My change was only applied to the branch, not trunk. It is the same thing, adding holes3 to William Rice


05:40 PM Leginon Bug #15974: rasterfinder error 'hole3'
just pushed a change to to add holes3 definitions. Works in my tests now, sorry for missing this. William Rice


12:13 PM Leginon Feature #15719: Add ability to download image shifts as XML file
Minor change. Changed filenames to remove reference to aligned+DW images. Now just does the raw presets collected. Ot... William Rice


10:06 AM Leginon Feature #15515: Add pause to
* if a Leginon session is restarted without a preset being sent first, the pause causes an error since it does not kn... William Rice


10:13 AM Leginon Feature #15719 (In Test): Add ability to download image shifts as XML file
* Cryosparc 4.4+ allows import of microscope image shift data from EPU-formatted XML files
* This update to the web ...
William Rice


10:15 AM Leginon Feature #15515 (In Test): Add pause to
* If a stage movement occurs after exposure targeting has been set up (eg. ZLP alignment), transformmanager checks th... William Rice


12:44 PM Leginon Feature #15514 (New): Improve holefinder to fall back to center target
* for multishot per hole, some holes have ice too thick at periphery but center ice is ok (within desired thickness r... William Rice


04:39 PM Leginon Feature #15146 (New): Smart Leginon - add Jenks grouping and option to randomize Ptolemy scores, other features
* Added a new option to group square targets, Jenks Sorting, which is analogous to a 1-dimensional K-means grouping.
William Rice
01:48 PM Leginon Feature #15143 (New): Leginon - increase number of autofill targets to 14
* with fringe-free imaging, many targets can be fit around a 2 ┬Ám hole
* this increases the current AutoFill limit f...
William Rice


06:58 AM Leginon Feature #14773 (New): Smart Leginon - simplify input to
* adds ability to use a range of slots:
* examples
* 1-12
* 2-5,8,10-12
William Rice

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