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  • Institution: New York Structural Biology Center
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11:20 AM Leginon Bug #8111 (Won't Fix or Won't Do ): Align_ZLP does not send scope to check preset during testing
Align_ZLP is no longer sending the scope to the defined preset when doing automatic ZLP check. For example, if you ar... Laura Yen


02:55 PM Leginon Feature #7702 (New): BlackStripeDetector to detect "grey" stripes
Can we get BlackStripeDetector node in Leginon to detect "grey" stripes on the output images. See email from Bill bel... Laura Yen


09:23 AM Leginon Feature #7653 (New): saving/regenerate queue?
Session = 19jun05a, User = Radhika Malik, Institution = MSSM
On Wed 6/5/19 at 4:30PM, the user was finished manual...
Laura Yen


02:59 PM Leginon Feature #7191 (New): align_ZLP node to send warning to slack when slit adjustment >2 eV
Can we get a feature in leginon for krios2 and krios3 where the align_zlp node will send a slack warning when the sli... Laura Yen


08:21 AM Leginon Bug #7109: measuring tool (ruler) not working
nevermind, it is working now! thanks anchi! Laura Yen


10:04 PM Leginon Bug #7109: measuring tool (ruler) not working
Hi Anchi, it is still not working for me. Laura Yen
11:48 AM Leginon Bug #7109 (Closed): measuring tool (ruler) not working
The measuring tool/ruler function in emgweb is not working. See attached. Laura Yen


09:25 AM Leginon Bug #6518 (Closed): Align_ZLP return to target without adjusting the target
Is it possible to get Align_ZLP automation to run before a new HOLE movement (and not during a sequence of ENN images... Laura Yen


02:04 PM Leginon Bug #6459 (Won't Fix or Won't Do ): tilted app focus node complain about binding to align_zlp
Session = 18dec19a, Krios3, User = Israel Fernandez, Institution = COLU.
During tilted data collection, leginon co...
Laura Yen


04:24 PM Leginon Feature #4710: MSI phase plate application
A coupe of things we noticed today during the phase plate collection on krios1 (session ID = 18dec04n). Using the app... Laura Yen

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