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03:28 PM Leginon Leginon: Error using EF service camera
Hi Trishant,
To my knowledge, this camera is only available for customer service purposes, and only on the earlier S...
Wim Hagen


11:02 AM Leginon Leginon: TEM Controller options
Apertures are only accessible with some special scripting option that nobody has ever been able to obtain. Could be t... Wim Hagen


12:32 PM Leginon Leginon: RE: Progress on Selectris support?
Keep in mind the EFTEM lens series for Selectris systems is software version dependent, maybe that causes trouble?
Wim Hagen


07:43 AM Leginon Leginon: Falcon 4 error with getImage()
Hi Morgan,
My attachment didn’t get through: <
Wim Hagen
07:39 AM Leginon Leginon: Falcon 4 error with getImage()
Hi mriagn,
Run c:/tecnai/exe/service/LicenseReader.exe, to check if TFS have actually updated your microscope’s cust...
Wim Hagen


06:23 AM Leginon Leginon: Progress on Selectris support?
Something to be aware of:
As of TFS temserver SW version 7.9.0 (so 3.9.0 for Krios and 2.9.0 for Talos/Glacios), the ...
Wim Hagen


12:49 PM Leginon Leginon: RE: Stage seems not to always return to zero degrees upon completion of a tilt series
Keep in mind that there is no feedback loop for stage tilt after a tilt change, FEI software does not act on e.g. tra... Wim Hagen


12:22 PM Leginon Leginon: RE: Acquire seamless images for quantitative TEM
Hi Claudio,
On an FEI TEM, at the magnification you need for a 7 micron tile size, you will only have about 25 micro...
Wim Hagen


07:27 AM Leginon Leginon: Coma-free alignment in Leginon with beam-image shift applied
Hi all,
FEI's direct alignment does not allow coma-free direct alignment with a beam-image shift applied, it will ...
Wim Hagen

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