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10:39 PM Leginon Feature #1290 (New): Continuous tomography data collection
There is only one way to collect tomography in leginon, which is start from zero and go to + 60, then come back to ze... Yen-Chywan Liaw
07:52 PM Leginon Feature #1289 (New): Manual center exposure targeting
Many time in exposure targeting if there is a dirt or something, it will make the program make a mistake on center of... Yen-Chywan Liaw


04:43 AM Leginon Leginon: Re: Camera sensitivity calibration with known dose rate
Hi Anchi,
I will try to do that. But Gatan Taiwan Agent is suppose to come and measure the CCD sensitivity. But No o...
Yen-Chywan Liaw
04:40 AM Leginon Leginon: Re: Remove selected targets
Hi Anchi,
Thanks very much!
This is reallycomplicated!
Yen-Chywan Liaw


06:10 PM Leginon Leginon: Re: zero change in matrix calibration
Hi, Jim,
I guess Ihad the same problem clopze posted. After I delete the sim entries, the calibration works fine now...
Yen-Chywan Liaw
04:06 PM Leginon Leginon: zero change in matrix calibration
I am doing calibration (1.6) now. I quickly go throw pixel size, reference. When I did matrix calibration. I got...
Yen-Chywan Liaw


07:48 PM Leginon Leginon:
In addition, I did the ex1.php and ex2.php to test display the test data mymrc.mrc and both ok! which means the new c... Yen-Chywan Liaw


07:19 AM Leginon Leginon:
Now I can see image for test data come with dbem_1_4_1.
Also info.php shows mrc with version 1.3 and f...
Yen-Chywan Liaw


09:26 AM Leginon Leginon:
My php version is 5.1.2
my mysql version is 5.0.18
I can not find gd and mrc.
I install php gd extensi...
Yen-Chywan Liaw


04:02 AM Leginon Leginon: How to do Calibration
Ask a simple question
I am trying to do calibration application. I follow the Manual creat preset (gr, sq, hl, f...
Yen-Chywan Liaw

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