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10:29 AM Leginon Bug #5892: exposure pause time does not change
I attach the print screen image. Zhening Zhang
10:28 AM Leginon Bug #5892 (Closed): exposure pause time does not change
I change the wait time before exposure to 220s. The pause time for all my collection is 2.5 sec. This happen to Krios... Zhening Zhang


09:20 AM Appion Bug #5413 (Closed): lm-bfgs Particle Polisher bugs
I got these error messages when I submit a job:
/opt/myamisnap/bin/appion --commit --micrographs_per_...
Zhening Zhang


01:53 PM Appion Bug #5405 (Closed): Rubinstein particle alignment web gui did not validate stack nor ddstack
I submit a job to do a per particle alignment in Appion. I got these error msg:
[zzhang@SEMC-head micrographs_hd]$...
Zhening Zhang


03:02 PM Appion Bug #4665 (New): 2d
I could not run Xmipp 2 Clustering 2D Alignment. The directory is /gpfs/appion/zzhang/16nov25e/align/cl2d12.
Here i...
Zhening Zhang


02:00 PM Appion Bug #4651 (Duplicate): Xmipp
I run Xmipp job using Appion in cluster. The job finished. However there is no output in the Appion interface.
The j...
Zhening Zhang


11:08 AM Leginon Wiki edit: RCT_run_protocol_from_a_user (#6)
Zhening Zhang


11:05 AM Appion Bug #4540 (New): template picking error message
When I resume one of my old template picking run, there is an error message. The directory is:-rundir=/gpfs/appion/zz... Zhening Zhang


01:42 AM Appion Bug #4522 (Closed): can not find cu7.5
gctf is not working in SEMC cluster. show error msg: can not find cuda 7.5. Zhening Zhang
01:39 AM Appion Bug #4521 (New): empty log file
when I run ctffind4 in relion1.4. The log file is empty. Zhening Zhang

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