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07:57 AM Appion Bug #1372 (New): xmipp jobs on guppy
Hi Christopher,
This is still an issue when I launch jobs that they don't terminate properly and I have to manual...
Anna-Clare Milazzo


12:23 PM Appion Bug #1134 (Closed): Can not select "manual" as preset in appionLoop functions when there are other presets in the session
The session is 10nov03j and I was trying to run ACE2 on the images.
Anna-Clare Milazzo


05:59 PM Appion Bug #1122 (New): default value for reconstruction wall time

default value for wall time for running reconstructions on guppy should be raised from 24 to 240
Anna-Clare Milazzo
05:36 PM Appion Bug #1120 (New): Proper setup of Imagic in Appion

Can't remember what you need to change but here's at least a reminder...
Anna-Clare Milazzo
05:34 PM Appion Bug #1119 (New): 3dfilt units in EMAN recon setup
change value from 1/pixel to angstroms for filtering Anna-Clare Milazzo


09:49 AM Appion Bug #1115 (New): Incorrect filepath to upload EMAN recon

When I try to upload an EMAN reconstruction, I get this error
"ERROR: /ami/data00/appion/10dec01b/recon/emanrecon1...
Anna-Clare Milazzo


12:44 PM Appion Bug #1113 (Closed): release version of makestack is not working on guppy
When I run this command on session 10dec01b from Anna-Clare Milazzo
12:27 PM Appion Bug #1112: makestack and all other appionloop functions use non-rejected images even though the right option is checked in myamiweb

Hi Anchi,
I just found the same issue for running CTFfind where choosing "--best-images" flag seems to be ignor...
Anna-Clare Milazzo


12:05 PM Appion Bug #1094 (Closed): CTF report on image report page
All fixed with ACE graphs now showing up. Thanks Eric! Anna-Clare Milazzo


03:32 PM Appion Bug #1094: CTF report on image report page

Hi Eric,
Looks great for this data set but there is one thing that doesn't work for a data set that used the pr...
Anna-Clare Milazzo

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