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04:30 AM Leginon Leginon: RE: Gatan Rio camera
Thanks for these suggestions,
We modified the dmsem.cfg files accordingly - and also the instruments.cfg and were ...
Arne Moeller


09:13 AM Leginon Leginon: Gatan Rio camera
Hey Leginon team,
we recently upgraded our spirit with a Gatan Rio Camera. As this also came with a windows10 comp...
Arne Moeller


09:40 AM Leginon Appion and Leginon Web tools: referenced data can not be found:
Dear Anchi and all,
we have encountered a small problem with our database - the webviewer etc works fine and all inf...
Arne Moeller


09:11 AM Leginon Support #4656: Jeol magnifications
This is working very well - I do get the focus
Arne Moeller
08:42 AM Leginon Support #4656: Jeol magnifications
Dear Anchi,
I can create and return to the session
I can load and get connection to scope and camera PC (on neit...
Arne Moeller
03:56 AM Leginon Support #4656: Jeol magnifications
Dear Anchi,
thanks for the answer -
I have copied the modified Jeol.cfg into pyscope and performed the test you su...
Arne Moeller


05:14 AM Leginon Support #4656 (Closed): Jeol magnifications
Dear Anchi,
I need some help with my Jeol installation:
I can pull presets from the Jeol and save them - howev...
Arne Moeller


08:57 AM Leginon Support #4648: Jeol OL calibrate
Oh is it defocus? Arne Moeller
08:54 AM Leginon Support #4648 (Closed): Jeol OL calibrate
Dear all,
I am currently installing Leginon on our Jeol 3200 FSC. When I reached the point of the scalecalibrator I...
Arne Moeller


09:19 AM Leginon Support #4388 (Closed): loading mysql dump to db
After a massive disk failure we are trying to recover our database using a mysql dump that we had generated as backup... Arne Moeller

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