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12:35 PM Appion Bug #2935 (Closed): svn rev 18580 trunk/appion/appionlib/apCtf getBestCtfValue() broken
I guess you are right!
My svn history must be damaged. svn diff would show no difference between my working copy ...
Tom Houweling
09:15 AM Appion Bug #2935 (Closed): svn rev 18580 trunk/appion/appionlib/apCtf getBestCtfValue() broken
makestack breaks due to: rewritten *getBestCtfValue* method
The following lines pertain to previously checked in ...
Tom Houweling
09:36 AM Leginon Bug #2936 (Closed): Svn rev 18580: DM_VERSION harcoded in pyscope/

After upgrading to DM 2.31 streaks appeared in normalized images/movies. After analyzing the issue we found that no...
Tom Houweling


12:41 PM Appion Bug #2800 (New): Myamiweb svn rev 18298 : image viewer displays vertically stretched image
Images displayed on imageviewer in myamiweb have a slightly distorted aspect ratio. ~4% too large vertically. This is... Tom Houweling


09:46 AM Appion Bug #2788 (Closed): topology alignment script fails shortly before uploading class averages
Tested the fix with rev 18289. Problem is fixed. Tom Houweling


09:35 AM Leginon Leginon: schema-update r17813 does not register revision
schema updates extract the revision number from the class name.
python does not update the revis...
Tom Houweling


11:26 AM Leginon Leginon: issues
** (svn rev=17647) creates a mess with frames:
User "yuanhe" ran a session collecting data in @/k2d...
Tom Houweling


04:43 PM Leginon Leginon: Unable to collect binned images
We have configured the K2 dimensions to be 3710 by 3838 for the linear mode in @instruments.cfg@ file and have *comme... Tom Houweling


04:58 PM Leginon Leginon: RE: Leginon cannot locate bright/dark references
We ran the script on our Windows installation and it did not find the reference mrcs.
The issue is that the path is...
Tom Houweling

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