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07:25 PM Leginon Feature #5182 (New): Ability to check focus after every 5 or 10 deg tilts in MSI-Tomography and view tilt axis in leginon for MSI-Tomography
Can a feature be added to MSI-Tomography which gives the option for checking focus every 5 or 10 deg tilt increments ... Saikat Chowdhury
07:12 PM Leginon Bug #5181 (Closed): Bug in MSI-Tomography in Leginon trunk (or 3.3) version regarding changing exposure time with higher tilts and total dose
In the most recent version of Leginon MSI-Tomography, the exposure time (or number of frames on K2) doesn't change wi... Saikat Chowdhury


11:45 PM Appion Bug #4500: gautomatch fails
Dear Carl,
There is still a minor bug.
When we generate the command for running gautomatch from the appion web br...
Saikat Chowdhury


03:26 PM Appion Bug #4500 (Closed): gautomatch fails
We were trying to run gautomatch through appion on a gpu node and it didn't work.
Following is the command we were...
Saikat Chowdhury


01:28 AM Appion Feature #4424 (New): A way to display total dose (cumulative dose) per tilt.
In the Appion web browser for tomography, an additional field should be added above each tilt micrograph, for "total ... Saikat Chowdhury
01:18 AM Appion Bug #4423 (New): Incorrect dose value for K2-frame aligned tilts
The "dose" value displayed in the web browser doesn't change with tilt for the K2-frame aligned tilts. The unaligned ... Saikat Chowdhury


12:49 PM Appion Bug #2595 (Closed): K2 frame alignment using wrong reference
K2 frame alignment on T3 is using the wrong reference for normalization.
The follwoing warning comes up during frame...
Saikat Chowdhury


01:55 PM Leginon Bug #2575 (Closed): Template picking job hangs in Garibaldi due to FindEM hanging
I have been trying to run template picker since last weekend on session# 12587(13oct29b) and 12628(13nov05o). The nam... Saikat Chowdhury


12:05 PM Appion Bug #2570 (New): Pixel error while creating particle stack using Appion
Dear Anchi,
I am getting error while running stack creation job after particle picking on Garibaldi. It complains ab...
Saikat Chowdhury


02:48 PM Appion Bug #2556 (Won't Fix or Won't Do ): Cannot view aligned particles after topology alignment in longboard/gammamyamiweb
I recently noticed that I can't view the aligned particles for class averages after topology alignment in longboard/g... Saikat Chowdhury

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