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09:21 AM Leginon Appion: CTFFind3/ issues
We've been using CTFFind3 via appion to do CTF estimation, but it seems that recently changed and now ... Anand Gupta


12:00 PM Leginon pyScope: Gatan Issues after Update
We just updated the legionon installation on our microscope computer to 2.2 from 2.1, to bring it in sync with our re... Anand Gupta


09:06 AM Leginon Appion: FindEM issues
We're trying to run a template picking job on our cluster, having compiled FindEM for our Intel XServes, and running ... Anand Gupta


03:21 PM Leginon Appion: RE: Xmipp Junk Sorting Issues
We can open the stack in Appion and view all particles without any issue. In addition, we're able to run the same job... Anand Gupta
01:23 PM Leginon Appion: Xmipp Junk Sorting Issues
We're running a sort junk job on our cluster as part of stack processing, and running into an issue in opening Imagic... Anand Gupta
08:29 AM Leginon Appion: SciPy 0.9.0 issues
We're trying to run dogpicker on our cluster and have bumped into, which appears to ... Anand Gupta


03:04 PM Leginon Appion: Problems Building a Stack
We're trying to build a stack from ~300 micrographs, for which the CTFs have been estimated using both Ace2...
Anand Gupta

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