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Appion Reporter 01/29/2010
TiltPicker Developer 03/05/2010
Leginon Reporter 01/29/2010



09:05 PM Appion Feature #197: Integrate into the pipeline
and rename to tiltStackSync to avoid ambiguity since tiltStackAlign sounds more like doing an alignment with tilted p... Ed Brignole
07:18 PM Appion Feature #493: Ed's iteration alignment
I just tested on amibox02 and it runs fine.
/home/brignole/ami_html/myami/appion/bin/ \
Ed Brignole


07:14 PM Leginon Revision 59744d2f (myami-git): ref #493 updated edIter batch and subscripts for compatibility with Spider18
Ed Brignole
06:37 PM Leginon Revision 923193fb (myami-git): refs #493
Removed free-align option from web page for consistency with Ed Brignole
06:35 PM Leginon Revision d8d966d3 (myami-git): refs #493
Updated to run new version of IterativeAlignClassify.spi Ed Brignole
04:20 PM Appion Feature #493 (In Test): Ed's iteration alignment
Problem was incompatibility of old spider scripts with new Spider18.
1) Deleted old spiderbatch directory, replace...
Ed Brignole


06:11 PM Appion Bug #653 (Won't Fix or Won't Do ): stack summary table has normalization backward
"Normalization: no" means that the stack was normalized. "Normalization: yes" means that it was not normalized. This ... Ed Brignole


10:53 AM Appion Bug #641 (Closed): fails to upload images - a sinedon.cfg problem?
That fixed it. I just needed my sinedon.cfg to look exactly like Anchi's. Ed Brignole


11:23 PM Appion Bug #641 (Closed): fails to upload images - a sinedon.cfg problem?
... Ed Brignole


07:57 PM Leginon Revision 31f1008f (myami-git): updated editer logo
Ed Brignole

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