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08:26 PM Leginon Appion: error running applications
I get errors like this when I try to run an alignment:
ERROR: ERROR: Could not create run directory on goby.scripp...
Nancy Horton


03:16 PM Leginon Appion: scale bar on images
Hi, I noticed that the scale bar, and the last image, don't show when viewing the class averages? Nancy Horton


04:20 PM Leginon Appion: RE: create synthetic data
Thanks Amber,
I can wait until the new installation. In the meantime, I found another potential issue - I ran EMA...
Nancy Horton
01:14 PM Leginon Appion: create synthetic data
I'm trying to create synthetic data from a model, and get this error:
"ERROR: could not create directory 'appion/a...
Nancy Horton
08:29 AM Leginon Appion: EMAN error
Is there a way to specify fewer classes in EMAN refinement? I get an error:
"ERROR: too few particles per class (...
Nancy Horton

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