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Appion Reporter 02/05/2010
Leginon Reporter 02/05/2010
myami Developer 07/01/2016



05:37 PM Leginon Bug #11098 (New): Tomography images not storing pixeltype and pixelsize
Tomography images are not storing 'pixeltype' and 'pixels' values in the AcquisitionImageData table. These are NaN w... Clint Potter


03:16 PM Appion Feature #3366 (Closed): Make default myamiweb appionloop gui waits for more images if it is an active leginon session
Scott thinks this is done. Close Clint Potter
03:12 PM Appion Feature #3354 (Closed): add CTFFIND 4 to the pipeline
Seems to work. Clint Potter


03:15 PM Appion Bug #3737: Frame alignment using UCSF software for more than 50 frames
This may be a compilation issue. Recompile from original source code? Venkat will work w/ Sargis and Anchi. Clint Potter
03:14 PM Appion Bug #3737 (New): Frame alignment using UCSF software for more than 50 frames
Currently, can align more than 50 frames at NYSBC using UCSF software. Maybe a compilation issue. Clint Potter


03:35 PM Appion Bug #3472 (Closed): FindEM does not work on modern OS's with newer GCC
Clint Potter


03:26 PM Appion Feature #3367: move makeAlignedImageData out of apDDprocess for more general use
Clint Potter


03:35 PM Appion Bug #2980: Should be able to run as MPI or Single node
Scott's appionpbs may handle some of this.
Clint Potter
03:27 PM Appion Feature #2044: Add Relion single model refinement to appion pipeline
Bridget will take on testing. Clint Potter
03:23 PM Appion Feature #2847: add DE frame alignment script
Scott ran into file server problems. Too slow at FSU. Wants to use HPC but can't get job launcher too work. Started ... Clint Potter

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