New NRAMM Discussion Forum Related to Instruments

Added by Sargis Dallakyan over 9 years ago


We have decided to start a discussion forum related to instruments. We are not sure that this will be useful or effective but believe that it is worth a try. This is not meant to replace the 3DEM list but rather provide a place for highly technical discussions that may only be of interest to a subset of 3DEM subscribers.

The forum will be managed using redmine and can be found at:

For now we envisage two major areas of interest: “Microscopes” and “Cameras”. We could obviously divide these areas into finer categories, and we may do that later if the forum gets too busy or crowded.

So, some suggestions for ground rules.

- The forum should be for questions and answers or discussions about technical matters. It is NOT meant to be a forum for rants and raves or even general grumblings and mutterings.

- We encourage participation from industry but do not encourage comparison of products or commercialism of any kind.

- The forum is available for anyone to read but if you want to contribute you will need to register. This is just for basic protection against spam.

Please feel free to make other suggestions.

Please pass this along to anyone you think may be interested in participating.


The NRAMM Team