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10:16 AM Leginon Leginon: RE: tilt non zero after zfocus
I believe it is the latter of a slow drift. We will set the hole node as suggested. Thank you.
Bob Grassucci
09:00 AM Leginon Leginon: RE: tilt non zero after zfocus
I see that this was an issue
When we reset the stag...
Bob Grassucci
08:53 AM Leginon Leginon: tilt non zero after zfocus
We are experiencing non zero tilts 1.5 degrees more or less sometimes after a z focus round in MSI-T2. The stage is ... Bob Grassucci


09:42 AM Leginon Leginon: RE: Setting up beam-image shift targeting
Hi Anchi,
We want to do this on our Polara and F20. have you made any progress so that we can do the calibration wi...
Bob Grassucci


02:36 PM Leginon Leginon: Ice thickness information into hole finder
We have been using the ice thickness measure routinely and think it would be very useful if this calculation could so... Bob Grassucci


05:39 PM Leginon Leginon: RE: (python:5205): Gdk-WARNING **: XID collision, trouble ahead
This is an old (1 year old installation). It has been happening most frequently during long overnight runs. It ofte... Bob Grassucci
03:05 PM Leginon Leginon: (python:5205): Gdk-WARNING **: XID collision, trouble ahead
We are getting the following warning when running MSI-T2 and things get very slow. We need to kill and restart Legin... Bob Grassucci


06:24 PM Leginon Leginon: RE: Super resolution format unavailable to calibrate matrix and pixel size
I looked for in the repository and can not find it. Bob Grassucci


01:23 PM Leginon Leginon: RE: Early return behavior change
Is it the same with version DM 3?
Bob Grassucci
11:25 AM Leginon Leginon: RE: Early return behavior change
Where do I find the SERIALEM log? The time difference per stack of frames is 2 minutes vs 1.5 minutes. With no early... Bob Grassucci

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